Festivals in India

Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the eight avtaar of Vishnu. Dance-drama enactments of the life of Krishna according to the Bhagvad Geeta, devotional singing through the night when Krishna is believed to have been born, fasting, a night vigil and a festival of the following day are a part of the Janmashtami celebrations.


Krishna Janmashtami festival is celebrated over the course of 2-3 days by Hindus all over the world. During the festival, drama-dance enactments of the life of Lord Krishna is played out in ‘Krishna Lilas’. This is followed by all-night vigils with the singing of devotional songs, fasting, and a festival the following day where specially made sweets and delicacies are distributed and enjoyed by all.


Let’s Celebrate Janmashtami Together